Service of LFC

Service of Lecong Foreigners’s Administration and Service Center(LFC):

1.Policies Consultation
LFC obtains and interpret the latest policies from the related departments so that LFC members can feel free to consult us.

2. Dispute Meditation
When members get stuck with dispute, LFC will help members to solve the case in justice, and provide the platform for both parties to negotiate successfully.

3. Releasing Recruitment Information
LFC assist members who set up companies in Lecong to employ qualified and satisfied staff, by releasing the recruitment information on recruiting website, job fair, or job hunter QQ group. Then LFC will collect the resumes and recommend them to LFC members.

4. Information Collection and Distribution
LFC regularly collects and sends the information about promotions and exhibitions of shopping malls in Lecong Furniture City. Especially during the period of furniture fairs, members will be informed about not only the promotions held by shopping malls but also free shuttle bus for furniture fairs and hotel discount.
In order to facilitate the daily life of members, LFC collects and send the information about rentals houses, offices, fitness rooms and etc. LFC also collects information of kindergarten and primary schools for those who come with children, which helps not only members but also their families integrate into the local communities.

5. Cultural Activities
LFC holds various activities. LFC organizes members to celebrate Chinese traditional festivals, which help help members integrate into local community and understand the local customs. Meanwhile, activities showing exotic art and activities celebrating foreign festivals will be held with members and local people, so that members will have a sense of belonging.

6. Promoting Lecong Furniture City
CCLFC and LFC endeavor to improve the business environment in Lecong Furniture City, build the brand image and increase the visibility and encourage LFC members to attract more purchasers from all over the word.