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Originating in the early 1980s,Lecong Furniture City took advantage of the reform and opening up, seized the opportunity that furniture craze swept China, absorbed the experience in furniture industry at home and abroad and established a furniture distribution centre on both sides of the south of national road 325.

During the three decades of development, it is the struggle and innovation that make Lecong Furniture City the largest furniture distribution centre in the word, receiving multiple honorary titles, “Capital of Home Furnishing Trade and Innovation of China”, “Global Furniture Sourcing Center”, “China Excellent Furniture Industry Cluster” and etc. Covering an  area of nearly 4,000,000 square meters, Lecong Furniture City are now consisted of more than 180 large furnishings shopping malls, with over 5,000 distributors and more than 30,000 medium and high-grade furniture from all over the world. 99% furniture of the world can be found here in Lecong Furniture City.

With more than 180 gorgeous furniture malls, the Foshan Lecong furniture market is recognized as the largest furniture industry market. With a wide variety of furniture in Foshan ShundeLecong furniture city, you can find different styles of furniture in the Lecong furniture mall, such as Chinese style classical furniture, Neo-Chinese custom furniture, European style classical furniture, Italian style minimalist furniture, Neoclassicist furniture, and more.
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over 180 magnificent furniture malls

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Assembling 99% furniture from the world

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