Established in June 2009, the Chamber of Commerce of Lecong Furniture City (CCLFC), who owns an affiliate, Lecong Foreigners’ Administration and Service Center (LFC), is a non-profit, non-governmental organization incorporated on a voluntary basis with furnishings shopping malls as well as other proprietorships engaged in furnishings in Lecong Furniture City.

Over the years, the chamber has actively played the role as professional manager and aimed to erect bridges linking the government, developers and other proprietorships in Lecong Furniture City, convey opinions and requirements of members to the government and safeguard the interest of members. In addition, the chamber carries out workshops on business operations, guides members to obtain information concerning the domestic and overseas furniture market in a timely manner and develops business opportunities to member companies.

For the stable and orderly development of Lecong furniture market, the chamber is committed to standardize management of Lecong Furniture City by centralizing resources to keep the Lecong Furniture City in peace and order based on the code and promotes Lecong Furniture City as a whole by placing advertisements at home and abroad to build the brand image and increase the visibility.

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