Sunlink Furniture City(South)

Sunlink Furniture City(South) sits at the prime location of Lecong, Furniture Trading City in China. Established in 1994, it comprises of ten furniture halls, covering an area of up to 150,000 ㎡. The South Section is run by Sunlink Group. Till now, Sunlink Furniture City(South) has already introduced hundreds of quality furniture companies, namely Zhonglian Rosewood Family, Aluwangchao,Fulilai,LangFeng, Kaiyuan and Chitong , etc.

Sunlink Furniture City (South) insists on brand strategies and classification management. Sofa Procurement Pavilion , Hotel Furniture Pavilion, Soft Adornment Pavilion, Mahogany Direct-Sale  Pavilion, Modern Luxe Pavilion and Two-Halls Pavilion consist of the six main professional  sourcing areas. Sleeping-Life Pavilion, The seventh professional sourcing area, will soon be opened. They provide various products with professional services and create an excellent business environment for the suppliers. Nowadays , it has evolved into a quality trading and technique exchange platform linking China-made furniture with the customers all over the world. In the future, the South Section will continue on the building of specialized market as a core and adhere to market integrity as a foundation to become a one-stop international furniture sourcing hub featured with customer experience and cost effectiveness.


Introduction of Six Pavilions in Sunlink Furniture City( South)

Sofa Procurement Pavilion
In 1998, Sunlink Furniture City(South) addressed the idea of brand strategies and classification management and successfully established Sofa Procurement Pavilion . It locates at Block 5 to 9 and covers an area of 40,000㎡ with more than hundreds of sofa suppliers.

After 22 years of development, it has already become one of the largest sofa sourcing market and the center of quality sofa suppliers in Lecong. Thousands of customers around the world, like middle east, Africa, Southeast Asia ,Europe and America  travel here to source for what they need as well as the distributor , traders and retailers from Mainland China.

Besides, in  March and August every year , Sunlink International Furniture Fair , which is held in the cooperation with Guangdong Furniture Expo ,enhances the popularity and brand image of Sunlink Furniture City(South).  It is also appraised and credited by the professional buyers of the furniture industry.

Hotel Furniture Pavilion
Established in 2008, Hotel Furniture Pavilion, as a key project, covers an area of over 50,000㎡ and is the first one-stop sourcing platform for hotel furniture, as well as one of the world’s top professional hotel furniture source center. Known as the CBD of hotel furniture market in South China, this Pavilion has a variety of products, namely guest room furniture, public area furniture, banquet furniture, office furniture, KTV entertainment furniture and  outdoor leisure furniture. Famous suppliers like Fulilai,LangFeng and Jinfu have already launched their stores in this Pavilion. With different styles of furniture set such as luxury log furniture, modern japanese style furniture, antique american style furniture, and luxury mediterranean furniture, there is always a choice to suit your needs.

Sofa Procurement  Pavilion is dedicated to become the headquarter of one-stop hotel furniture to cover the whole matching suppliers in order to provide customized services. Now,for enhancing customer experience,  over hundreds of showrooms have been designed to display a great variety of levels and styles in villa and hotel projects. Also, the pavilion has business consultation area, rest area  and catering area for our customers. In the future, we will improve our exchange with the industry associations  by holding  design salons and training of talents to provide a well-rounded services for our customers.
Sunlink Furniture City(South)
Soft Adornment Pavilion
As a matching project for the South Section, this pavilion provides customized accessories for hotel, villa, showrooms and home. It has a great variety of products, namely decoration, painting, flower decoration, carpet, ceramic, glass, metal, stone and curtains. Strongly connected with the hotel pavilion, this pavilion helps to create a one-stop sourcing platform for customers all over the world.  Enjoying convenient traffic link , well-established logistic network and completed matching services, this pavilion will surely become the third largest professional market for decoration and accessory and has all it takes to lead a new trend of one-stop decoration and accessory trading.
Mahogany Direct-Sale Pavilion
Mahogany Direct-Sale Pavilion was launched in 2016 featured with reasonable price and quality materials in order to promote the are of redwood. The total planning area of the project is about 20,000 square meters. The current phase has an area of 5,000 square meters, which is located on the 2nd floor of five blocks. In the future phase, 15,000 square meters will be added. This pavilion will double in size to become a mega size redwood specialized market that rarely seen in this industry. It will also be classified into sofa and hotel furniture and accessory to build up a one-stop full range sourcing center.

Modern Luxe Pavilion
Modern Luxe Pavilion launched in 2019 is a brand new project with a great investment. Right after its launch, it gained instant popularity among young customers. Located on the 2nd floor of Block 4, this Pavilion covers an area of over 4000 ㎡ and has a wide range of styles, such as post-modern furniture light luxury, Italian minimal & Italian style light luxury furniture, European minimal& light luxury, European style classical furniture, neo-Chinese custom furniture, and imported luxury furniture. This pavilion is dedicated to becoming the role model of modern luxury furniture in South China and the inspiration for home designers. 

Two-Halls Pavilion
Two-Halls Pavilion is a strong professional project launched in 2020. It is located in block 7, and it has the largest and the most professional sofa supporting facilities in Lecong. The product categories cover TV cabinet, teapoy, dining table, dining chair and other sub categories matching with living room and dining room. The goal is to create a full range of furniture and one-stop  professional purchasing market.


Sunlink International Furniture Fair

Sunlink International Furniture Fair
First held in 2005, Sunlink International Sofa Exhibition  has been successfully held 30 times in a row in March and August every year , which is now named as Sunlink International Furniture Fair. Benefited by the long history of business and open-up environment , this fair has already become a leading event in Lecong furniture  markets, providing a all rounded platform for exhibitors and buyers with a win-win business opportunities.  

The total area of Sunlink International Furniture Fair reaches an area of over 110,000㎡ , which is comprised of 7 halls and 4 areas.With leisure and catering area , the fair has complete functions to serve buyers from home and abroad up to over 200,000 visits,and become a credited furniture exhibition in Mainland China and the world.

Advantages of Sunlink Furniture City(South)

1.Prime location and convenient traffic link:
It enjoys key location of Lecong furniture city and south of the Lecong furniture city . it also links to S121 express way and the exist of Foshan 1st ring road.

2. Thousands of suppliers and reasonable price :
It is the wholesales center of Lecong Furniture City. Products are directly from the manufacturers with great variety and competitive price. It also has customization and logistic service for buyers and customers from home and abroad.

3.Well arranged classification and specialized markets :
It aims to  provide convenient sourcing experience with one-stop service ,which greatly reduce time and cost for our customers..

4.Brand new upgrade of environment :
We endeavor to improve the business environment to create safe, comfortable, relax and convenient experience for our customers, which has been credited by our tenants, buyers and customers.

5.Insist on business integrity :
100% of  our suppliers should register on the compensation in advance scheme .We insist on business integrity and dedicate to build a system of honesty to provide a quality and low-risk service for our customers.  

6.Star suppliers scheme to lead the market :
We strictly select star home/office furniture set suppliers and hotel furniture set suppliers and provide professional training courses on a regular basis to promote their improvement. Through this scheme, we could ensure more quality service and products and also recommend quality products and credit Chinese furniture wholesale suppliers to our customers and buyers.


Sunlink Furniture City(South)



Address:Beside Shunlian Flyover, Xinlong Road Section, S121 Provincial Road, Lecong Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province