Nanfang Furniture City

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Founded in 1998, Nanfang Furniture City is located in the center of the Furniture Business and Trade Center of China and is close to S121 Provincial Road (the original 325 National Road ) and the first ring road of Foshan. The shopping mall is large in scale, superior in location, rich in brands, diverse in style and convenient in transportation.  

It has a unique consumption guarantee system and a reasonable management system, It leads the innovation and development of furniture, deeply explores and cultivates itself, and attracts famous brands, receiving great success in leading furniture industry, building the project foundation core of Nanfang Furniture City and gaining wide attention.

Domestic and overseas brand shops have settled on the first floor of Nanfang Furniture City, selling a full set of office furniture, neo-Chinese custom furniture, hotel furniture sets, wooden furniture, and rosewood furniture.

The rosewood furniture brand shops are mainly on the second and third floor. The product shows the consumption trend with medium and high-grade, the fine art of rosewood furniture, and the cultural charm, making Nanfang Furniture City a real one-stop wholesale city of rosewood furniture.

Modern large-scale e-commerce commodity electronic trading platform is on the forth, fifth and sixth floor, providing a broad space for the wholesale market, and promoting the far and fast development of the industry. From a regional tangible market to a national or even an international market, Nanfang Furniture City always offers warm service to the global.

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Address:Nanfang Furniture City, 121 Provincial Road, Shuiteng, Lecong Town, Shunde District, Foshan Province.