Lok Sun East United Furniture Expo Investment Guide

Situated in Lecong, China’s largest furniture wholesale market and distribution center, Lok Sun East United Furniture Expo is closely connected to No. 325 national highway alongside Foshan’s city highway and other major road networks. 

With a total investment of over 100 million RMB, our property is a 6 storey building and has its first 5 stories of commercial space representing 50000 square meters of rentable space, most of which is for home furniture and rosewood furniture sales.

We have developed our unique operating strategy according to long-term market research. We have systematically generated our plan, covering from tenant recruit  to decoration, in order to fulfill the goal of maximizing business advantages for all shareholders.

Business connection
Lok Sun East United Furniture Expo sits in the center of Lecong Furniture Market,closely to furniture shopping malls such as Red Star Macalline, Langdeng Rosewood Furniture Shopping Mall and Tengfa Furniture Market. We are planning to strengthen our connection with surrounding furniture shopping malls like Nanfang Furniture Shopping Mall and Xunfa Furniture Shopping Mall, which will definitely benefit all shareholders.

Transportation and distribution
Lok Sun East United Furniture Expo is located in the transportation hub of Lecong Furniture Market with quick access to logistics parks (South Longwei Logistics Park and Beiwei Logistics Park), harbors (Lecong Harbor and Hele Harbor) and 6 major highways (Foshan City Highway, Foshan-Kaiping Highway, Guangzhou-Foshan Highway, Guangzhou-Qingyuan Highway, Guangzhou-Shenzhen Highway and Shenyang-Haikou Highway)


Our Business Principles

Property not for sale
Our retail space is only available for leasing with the purpose of better property management.

Long-term tenant recruit strategy
We regularly conduct market research regarding new development in furniture industry to guide our business development plan including tenant recruit strategy.

Lok Sun East United Furniture Expo Investment Guide

Transparent and accountable management style

1.Our customer service team is always ready to deliver quality customer service.
2.We supervise the premise properly and make sure all businesses are well organized.
3.We provide most updated information of furniture business and suggestion on management to our tenants in the hope of a better sales performance.

Extensive marketing efforts
Our tenants benefit from our extensive marketing efforts: our marketing campaign has been ongoing on TV, radio, newspapers, outdoor billboard, outdoor LED screens and social media; we host seasonal on-site/on-line events; we make plans to encourage our tenants to communicate and interact more with our customers. We employ this aggressive public relation strategy with the goal of creating a popular brand image.  


Lok Sun East United Furniture Expo Investment Guide



Address:Row Two, Furniture Center, Nancun Industrial Zone, Lecong town, Shunde district, Foshan city, Guangdong Province.