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Julong Furniture City was founded in 1997 by Julong Group, a grand diversified enterprise with enormous power in Foshan. It is located in the core area of the fifth row of Lecong Furniture City which is  the Capital of Home Furnishing Trade and Innovation of China. Consisted of block A, B, C,D, A1 and Julong brand furniture street, it is a mature grand shopping mall with two-decade development and upgraded hardware. It devotes to improve management and promotion and erect a honest, specific and health shopping mall. Meanwhile, a large number of well-known enterprises with a history of more than ten years and quality businessmen have settled down in Julong Furniture City. It is a wholesale, retail, export one-stop high-quality affordable furniture purchase market, mainly selling European and American style furniture, rosewood furniture, solid wood furniture, office furniture, suite furniture and etc. Attractive design, reasonable price and business integrity are its faith. Julong Furniture City keeps developing and improving.

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Address:Row 5, Lecong Furniture City, the National Road 325, Lecong Town, Shunde District, Foshan City.

Julong Furniture City