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About Lecong

Jinming furniture market was set up in 1998 and located in the ninth row of Lecong international furniture city, the Capital of Home Furnishing Trade and Innovation of China. The market have free large parking lots, catering and other supporting facilities, with low rent, good environment, factory direct marketing and other superior conditions, to attract manufacturers and dealers throughout the country into the operation.

After 20 years of development, Jinming Furniture marker has developed from the largest mattress professional wholesale mall in China to the unique gathering mattress, bed products, mahogany furniture series, contemporary office furniture set, traditional Japanese style furniture, modern American stytle furniture, solid wood furniture professional comprehensive wholesale mall. Jinming is the ideal Chinese furniture wholesale supplier worth trusting. The market have been stationed in Suibao mattresses, Yalan mattresses, Hippocampal mattress, Hong Kong saikangxin mattresses, Mei Jinbang mattresses, mengyun bed products, mengJiaoyi bed products, Guangzhou brothers Furniture, Guangzhou Ruifeng Furniture, jixiangbaide Furniture, Guangzhou Minghao Furniture, spring furniture, dandelion Furniture, hanxing Furniture, Guolan Furniture, jinsimuyun Furniture and other well-known manufacturers. The Suibao mattresses, Yalan mattresses, Guangzhou brothers Furniture and other well-known brands have been operating for more than ten years.

The market has always been in line with the quality, cheap, let consumers as much as possible to obtain the most affordable direct marketing model for the business philosophy, strictly follow the "ensure customer 100% satisfaction" as the working standard, adhere to "all customer-centered" as the guiding ideology, high-grade goods, affordable prices as the center, to provide customers with furniture procurement "one-stop" full service. Warmly welcome customers from all over the world to purchase!


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Address:Row 9, Lecong International Furniture City, Shunde District, Foshan City

Jinming Furniture Mall