Lecong Eastment International Furniture Center

About Lecong

Lecong Eastment International Furniture Center, located in Lecong, the Capital of Home Furnishing Trade and Innovation of China, was established and ran by Foshan Shunde Eastment Property Management Co., Ltd.

Lecong Eastment International Furniture Center, established in 2003, is one of the first grand furniture retail and wholesale marts of Lecong Furniture City with intensification and specification. It is close to Foshan 1st Ring Expressway and the 121 Provincial Road (the original 325 National Road), with a total investment of 250,000,000 RMB, covering a footprint area of 72,000 square meters and a construction area of 150.000 square meters. It is a grand furniture wholesale mart with sofa, office, suite, general furniture, export furniture zones and exhibition halls. Furthermore, it is equipped with the Hotel Business Center, the Supporting Center of Office Building for Furniture Foreign Trade, and Domestic and Overseas Logistics Center. It is the the scientific operation and improved procurement efficiency that make Lecong Eastment International Furniture Center highly commendable in the furniture industry.

Lecong Eastment International Furniture Center provides free interior and exterior decoration (including floor, smallpox, lighting, etc.), saving costs for direct-sale stores. Moreover, global businesses are welcome to settle in or invest in it. Relevant personnel from the industry association also visit the site from time to time.

1.A shopping mall with characteristic
Lecong Eastment International Furniture Center is decoration free, low rent, high rate of return and it is promising land for investment. Meanwhile, it provides free tour buses and other convenient transportation to purchasers.

2.Three advantages
Advantageous geographical location, thorough property management and powerful media publicity!

3.Five supporting facilities
Logistics center, E-commerce information center, hotel center, brand promotion center and product promotion center.
Choose a good position for rental, make a promising investment for money.
Good shop, inexpensive rent, Eastment is your top choice for investment.
Lecong Eastment International Furniture Center not only organizes some activities to share fun with customers but also provides opportunity to investors for development.
More surprises for investors to make money. Lecong Eastment International Furniture Center is full of creativity!


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Address:4th Floor,Row2,Block2, Eastment International Furniture Center, Provincial Rd S121(Lecong Shuiteng part), Foshan, Guangdong.

Lecong Eastment International Furniture Center