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Founded in the 1980s, the Empire International Furniture city began to develop furniture city in 1992 and led the joint development of the world's largest furniture city. Empire international furniture city is developed and managed by Empire group, it is in the central area of the Capital of Home Furnishing Trade and Innovation of China·LECONG, which gave us the advantages of convenient transportation and superior location. we have a total area of more than twenty thousand square meters, which combines the large-scale furniture and decoration wholesale purchasing base, Aishang hotel and Baitaoyuan apartment. Therefore, it is a mature furniture business circle integrating purchasing, business negotiation and leisure life. Empire international furniture city have been rated as ‘demonstration market of integrity and self-discipline of furniture market’ in Guangdong for many years, as well as ‘Foshan rest assured consumption block’.

Empire international furniture city provide a continuous stream of high-quality home products, is known as ‘global brand furniture procurement and wholesale center’. Inside the center brands are clearly distributed with all kinds of products and functions in specific shopping area. For example, on the second, third and fourth floors of block B ‘International purchasing City Home’ gather the premium civil furniture and decoration, leading the fashion trend of home furnishing. ‘International purchasing City Hotel’ have all kinds of hotel and club supporting facilities. ‘International purchasing City Work’ provide your needs for your office to create wealth.

Among them, Shunde Empire Furniture our self-management brand, is the leading dealer in China to import the original luxury furniture and decoration from the European and American countries, as well as many well-known domestic brands. With more than twenty years of honest management and service we have become the world’s best. Descent of innovation begins with lead times of the original concept. As the Lecong’s earliest business flagship furniture brand, has been to lead the global furniture trends as the goal. There are hundreds of thousands of products from the world, each of them shines in every detail with unique design concept from Europe and America, inherits the rich experience and exquisite craftsmanship of the world’s top craftsman.

With a total area of ten thousand square meters, which can be called the world’s top furniture palace. Including Royal shop, Nobel shop, Modern shop, Pricerite shop, Home design center, The Empire collection and Empire outlets. Shunde Empire furniture, 20 years of sediment to the glory. It has been regraded as a treasure collection for collectors, successful people, and elite people, charm has been blooming forever.
Never follow the trend, but always sit firmly in the tide. The meticulous pre-sale and after-sale service is well-known in the business. The concept of high-end customization is still respected and imitated by peers. Devoted over twenty years, from originality to innovation, we have achieved real excellence.

Empire International Furniture provides a steady stream of high-quality home furnishing products for every buyer, is worth the name of ‘global brand furniture purchasing and wholesale center’. Different styles of furniture set are available in Empire International Furniture City. The best home office furniture set such as Chinese style home decoration, and white home office furniture set provides warmth for your home. The full set of office furniture, including traditional office furniture set, contemporary office furniture set, luxury office furniture set, and more provides a good working atmosphere for your office. Trust us to be your trustworthy choice!

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Empire international furniture city