"Visit Once at Most", CCLFC Participated in the Awarding Ceremony of the Station of Assistance and Mediation in Public Security

On June 8th, Shunde District Public Security Bureau held the awarding ceremony of Station of Assistance and Mediation in Public Security, handled by Zhou Yougen, member of CPC Shunde committee and Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection, inviting Chen Zhixiong, Deputy District Chief, Secretary General of CPC Shunde District Public Security Bureau Committee, Ye Cuiqing, Executive Deputy Director of the District Office of Management by Law, 14 representatives and assistants from non local chambers of commerce and 7 from local associations.


Ye Cuiqing spoke highly of the integration of mediation of police cases and petition cases, pointing out that assistance from chambers of commerce and associations and establishment of talent pool are an innovative exploration of social governance pattern which is consisted of the Party Committee, the government, the society and the public.
At the meeting, the publicity film of "Visit Once at Most" was broadcast, and 21 chambers of commerce and associations such as the Chamber of Commerce of Lecong Furniture City (short for CCLFC) were awarded, and 47 assistants were awarded certificates of appointment.



As a representative, Chen Guifang, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Lecong Furniture City, delivered a speech that CCLFC has been committed to standardizing the business order of Lecong Furniture City and focusing on the management of mobile salesmen, guidance for buyers, and improvement of service quality of sellers.
In terms of protecting the rights and interests of consumers and promoting the law-abiding operation of suppliers, CCLFC has established and improved an effective after-sales service system, and has become Foshan Education Base for Better Consumption and Foshan Association for Better Consumption in 2019.
The Station of Assistance and Mediation in Public Security will help CCLFC to resolve the contradictions and disputes in the furniture market, which is of great significance. In the future, CCLFC will actively support and cooperate with the programme of the Station, promoting the prosperity of Lecong furniture market.
Chen Zhixiong stressed that the establishment of The Station of Assistance and Mediation in Public Security and talent pool are not only the change of resolving conflicts and disputes from relying solely on public security bureau to liaising with social organizations, but also a beneficial exploration for building a harmonious society and a new pattern which is  co-construction, co-government and sharing.
It is hoped that all associations and assistants can achieve three points: firstly, taking people as the center, resolving conflicts and disputes with clear procedures and warm heart; secondly, cherishing honor, making full use of the advantages in resource and improving the ability in mediation; thirdly, jointly polishing the brand and building Shunde model of "Fengqiao Experience".