What's the Difference Between Office and Hotel Furniture Sets?

When shopping for furniture, do you find that certain pieces of furniture fit in different places? For example, when you buy a stool that you are satisfied with, you find that it is not only suitable for office areas but also for hotel areas, and it has different styles.

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The Difference Between Commercial Office Furniture Sets and Hotel Furniture Sets

Contemporary office furniture set adds brilliance to the office environment. Hotel furniture makes the traveler's journey more enjoyable. For office furniture and hotel furniture, what is the difference between them?

Furniture Design Concepts

Contemporary office furniture sets and hotel furniture sets are used in different environments and with different objects. The design of the full set of office furniture is bright and concise, highlighting the characteristics of being capable and practical.

Hotel outdoor furniture sets and hotel bedroom furniture sets first of all have high requirements for decoration and aesthetics, and at the same time pay attention to functionality and homeness.

Furniture Design Style

Commercial office furniture set is usually dominated by modern simplicity, which needs to meet the company's office needs or make furniture according to the corporate background.

The office area requires sufficient light and the overall tone is bright, so the overall office furniture can be a simple style. Neo-Chinese custom furniture or solid wood office furniture set is often the first choice for an office.

Hotel furniture needs to pay attention to humanized design, which is determined according to the overall decoration style of the hotel and should have the characteristics of both elegant and popular, so as to meet the needs of different consumers. For example, when you toward some high-end hotels, you will find that the furniture in the room is carefully arranged and the style is very comfortable.

Hotel furniture should choose an elegant and generous style in color. In addition, the hotel room is a place to rest, and European style classical furniture or antique American style furniture is relatively popular.

Furniture Material

Due to the difference in the use environment and objects of hotel furniture and office furniture, the production materials of the two kinds of furniture also have certain differences.

The frequency of use of hotel furniture is relatively high, and the people who use hotel furniture are fluid, so hotel furniture generally uses high-strength, good scratch-resistant furniture paint finish.

In addition, since most hotel rooms are equipped with bathrooms, the hotel bedroom furniture set will be in a humid environment for a long time. This is also the reason why hotel furniture has relatively high requirements for waterproof and moisture-proof performance. On the contrary, contemporary office furniture set is relatively less demanding.

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