Foshan Shunde Lecong Furniture City

Do you want to buy quality furniture from China? The Foshan Shunde Lecong Furniture City is a must-visit place.

Founded in the early 1980s, Lecong Furniture Mall is known as the leader of the furniture market in China and the largest furniture sourcing and Chinese furniture wholesale center in the world. With the following advantages, Lecong Furniture Mall is the best choice for you to buy all kinds of furniture.
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Lecong Furniture Mall

Covering an area of nearly 4 million square meters, Lecong Furniture Mall now has more than 180 large furniture malls (Louvre Furnishings Group, Red Star Macalline Foshan Lecong Mall, Sunlink Furniture City, etc), more than 5,000 dealers, and more than 30,000 pieces of medium and high-end furniture from around the world.

There is a wide selection to choose from. If you want to buy furniture in bulk, Foshan Lecong Furniture Market is one of the perfect shopping destinations.

Convenient Transportation

Located in a strategic location, the Lecong furniture market address with an excellent geographical position and convenient land and water transportation. The Chinese furniture wholesale-oriented furniture mall of Lecong is a one-stop caring service, thousands of furniture are sent from Lecong all over the world.

National and global delivery ensures that your products arrive in good order. Foshan Lecong Furniture Market not only provides furniture, but also art appreciation. Your satisfied smile is a definite approval of our service.

Rich Variety

With over 180 gorgeous furniture malls, Lecong is recognized as the largest furniture industry market, selling nearly 90% of the world's furniture. More than 1,000 foreign businessmen from over 100 countries are based in Lecong, where they buy furniture to sell in their own countries.

With a wide variety of furniture in Foshan ShundeLecong furniture city, you can find different styles of furniture in the Lecong furniture mall, such as Chinese style classical furniture, Neo-Chinese custom furniture, European style classical furniture, Italian style minimalist furniture, Neoclassicist furniture, and more.

Integrity Guarantee

The Lecong Furniture Kingdom always insists on integrity in business. “Advance Payment Fund” was set up by enterprises and taken the lead by Government. If there is any damage during the transaction, compensation will be given immediately by the “Advance Payment Fund”.

In 2004, Lecong Furniture Kingdom was acknowledged by China National Light Industry Council, together with the China National Furniture Association as “The Furniture Business and Trade Center of China”, which is a unique and top honor title in China. Lecong, your reliable cooperator.


Foshan Shunde Lecong Furniture City has an excellent reputation, a true reputation that cannot be duplicated or surpassed. Click Furniture City to learn about Lecong furniture products and furniture companies.