Developers of the Lecong Furniture City Attend the Meeting about Safety in Air Conditioner Production to Crack Down on Illegal Operation and Prevent Accidents

Since the problematic period of the installation of air conditioners, the Office of Safety Production Committee of Lecong gathered all developers of the Lecong Furniture City and hold a meeting to standardize the installation, maintenance and dismantling of air conditioners on the morning of June 10th (Wednesday).

The meeting delivered the Notice on Standardizing the Installation, Maintenance and Dismantling of Air Conditioners and Taking Precautions against Accidents Like Falling from Height and Electric Shock from the Office of Safety Production Committee of Shunde District, Foshan City. The meeting also analyzed the potential risks existing in the installation, maintenance and dismantling of air conditioners, and put forward relevant requirements and preventive measures of  safety management to the developers based on the actual situation of the area.