On May 20th, the opening of Louvre Customization Hall was grandly unveiled at Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center. A group of experts gather to witness a new chapter in home furnishings. The opening ceremony has attracted the attention of many people from both inside and outside the industry. 

Board chairman of Louvre Home Furnishings Group, Li Jinghua, and guests unveiled the Louvre Customization Hall

Government representatives and elites from all walks of life participated in this grand event. Government representatives included He Xiangwei, Deputy Mayor of Shunde District, Huang Changwang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Lecong Town, Chen Zirong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Mayor of Lecong Town, and etc. The event guests also had a group of top experts in the Chinese interior design industry, including Steve Leung, founder of Steve Leung Design Group, Liang Jianguo, founder of Manufacturing·China, Meng Ye, design director of Mengye Space Creative Design Firm and Huang Quan, founder and chief designer of WJID, Cui Shu, founder of the CUN DESIGN, and Jiang Jun, one of the curators of the pavilion of the P.R. China of the 60th International Art Exhibition-La Biennale di Venezia and the Meta Atlas team joining hands with Chinese art celebrities Liu Jianhua, Wang Zhenghong, Wu Guanzhen, Huang Yan, Zhang Chi, Yao Bangliang. More than 30 media outlets, such as Xiaohongshu, conducted in-depth coverage and witnessed the brilliant birth of a "new landmark" in the field of customization.

The grand opening of the Louvre Customization Hall marks the completion of the Louvre Home Furnishings Group's transition from a single delivery stage that meets demand to a comprehensive delivery stage that creates demand. It has gathered outstanding design capabilities from all around the world, introduced top domestic and foreign customized brands, and formed a complete customization ecosystem that integrates cabinets, kitchen appliances, building materials, interior design, door and wall, and smart home. The Louvre Customization Hall is committed to creating a cutting edge of home aesthetics, providing consumers with a complete set of personalized solutions from space design to overall customization.

At the event, the concept of Master Space Collection was introduced. Crafted by world-class design masters such as Steve Leung, Liang Jianguo, Meng Ye, Huang Quan, and Cui Shu, it has undergone three years of repeated carving and polishing, overcoming multiple challenges from concept to implementation, and creating a model of quality spatial aesthetics. The Master Space Collection showcases the cutting-edge achievements of global home design aesthetics, deeply restoring real life scenes and depicting a model of a better life for consumers.


At the same time, the Louvre Customization Hall has pioneered the industry by launching the White Paper on Customization Services. The White Paper aims to clarify the target customers, content, and process of customization services, and establish a comprehensive service system to bring consumers excellent customization services and exquisite home life experiences, while also promoting the industry to move towards high-quality and efficient direction.
Mr. Wu Weiting, Vice President of Louvre Home Furnishings Group, introduced the concept of Master Space Collection and the White Paper on Customization Services

At the opening ceremony, a special session of "Design Aesthetics Dialogue" was held. Four world-class design masters, Steve Leung, founder of Steve Leung Design Group, Liang Jianguo, founder of Manufacturing·China, Meng Ye, design director of Mengye Space Creative Design Firm and Cui Shu, founder of the CUN DESIGN, gathered together to discuss their ideal houses and share their unique insights into the future living space. Masters stated that the Louvre Customization Hall not only provides designers with a platform to showcase their creativity, but also offers consumers the opportunity to experience top-notch design and achieve personalized home.
Four world-class design masters gather together to discuss the design aesthetics
As a home furnishing platform for in-depth exploration of home furnishings, art, and design, the Louvre Spring Summer Art Salon has officially launched at the event. The salon is hosted by Jiang Jun, the curator of the pavilion of the P.R. China of the 60th International Art Exhibition-La Biennale di Venezia. Multiple artworks of 16 top domestic artists were exhibited in the salon, covering oil painting, sculpture, and photography. Artists included Liu Jianhua, Huang Yan, Yao Bangliang, Gao Yutao, Deng Xiao, and Wang Zhenghong.
Yuan Yongxin, Section Chief of Foshan Bureau of Commerce, Jiang Jun, Academic Director, Li Bangqi, Executive Vice President of Louvre Home Furnishings Group, Artists Liu Jianhua, Wang Zhenghong, and Huang Yan jointly participated in the launch ceremony of the Louvre Spring Summer Art Salon.


Speech by Ms. Chen Guifang, President of Louvre Home Furnishings Group

At the event, Ms. Chen Guifang, President of the Louvre Home Furnishings Group, delivered a sincere welcome speech, stating that the creation of the Louvre Customization Hall is a new breakthrough for the Louvre Home Furnishings Group in the exploration of ideal living. It not only leads the evolution of home aesthetics, but also perfectly integrates art and life. In the future, the Louvre Home Furnishings Group will look forward to working together with more excellent design forces to promote the development of design culture, create extraordinary living experiences, and enable millions of people to enjoy a better life.

Speech by Chen ZirongDeputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Mayor of Lecong Town

Chen Zirong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Mayor of Lecong Town, stated in his speech that the Louvre Customization Hall is not only a concentrated display of the innovative achievements and leading strength of the Louvre Home Furnishings Group, but also a wonderful interpretation of the industrial brand, "Where there is a home, there is Foshan made". As a leading home furnishing industry cluster in China, Lecong will actively seize the opportunity of the policy of trade-ins of consumer goods, serve consumers across the country, and create a better life together. At the same time, Lecong is accelerating the promotion of the "Global Partnership Program", committed to creating a gathering place for talents at home and abroad, and creating a more attractive talent and industrial ecosystem. The opening of the Louvre Customization Hall has exerted the advantages of high-end talent gathering, providing strong innovation momentum for the development of home furnishings industry.

As a globally renowned furniture brand distribution center and the Capital of Home Furnishing Trade and Innovation of China, Lecong has a complete home furnishing industry chain. Various personalized needs for home furnishings can be met here. To meet the needs of the people for a better life and the needs of industrial upgrading, Lecong Government is planning to promote the high-quality development of the home furnishing industry, focusing on optimizing supply chain, strengthening the industry, expanding consumption, and promoting development to upgrade the home furnishing industry and home consumption, actively create a relaxed and comfortable shopping environment, cultivate and expand new business models, lead the trend of home consumption, and consolidate and enhance international competitive advantages. Meanwhile, with the upcoming opening of the Guangfo Ring Line South part, it will be more convenient for designers and consumers from across the country to purchase furniture at Lecong.