New Life Is Defined By You

At home on weekends
My unique sofa
Let go of all the noise and troubles
A warm light
A cup of tea
Feel the softness wrapped around the sofa

This sofa
Enough to make people feel comfortable at home for a whole day
It may be a comfortable and skin friendly cotton and linen
It may be warm and delicate genuine leather
It may be a wooden structure with a specific shape in the spectrum

It will always be the way you love
The style of the sofa is up to you to choose from
The appearance of home is not defined

How to choose satisfactory furniture?
You may find the answer in
Sunlink International Furniture Fair

Sunlink International Furniture Fair was founded in the autumn of 2006 and is held annually in Sunlink South shopping mall, in both spring and autumn seasons. Sunlink International Furniture Fair has been successfully held for nearly 20 years, becoming a one-stop home purchasing event rooted in LECONG, serving the whole country, and facing the world.

The 36th Sunlink International Furniture Fair, as the first home furnishing fair of Lecong Furniture City in year 2024, opened grandly from March 15th to 20th, 2024 with the theme of "SUN Life · Joyful Home". All the "new quality productivity" in furniture industry appeared, and nearly a thousand furniture brands launched new products here.The fair covered an area of nearly 150,000 square meters, with 11 themed exhibition areas. The fair focused on showcasing categories such as soft living, solid wood experience, healthy sleep, furniture accessories, outdoor facilities, office and hotel furniture, comprehensively presenting the development trend of Lecong Home Furnishings across all categories.



In addition to creating an exciting Furniture Fair, it focuses on creating the "new five senses" of humanity - a sense of relaxation, a sense of originality, a sense of presence, a sense of socialization and a sense of atmosphere. Advocate for using furniture to create a different living space in each person's mind, seeking a lifestyle related to home that can make people feel happy, connecting every family through home furniture, and conveying a lifestyle attitude that is pleasing to others and oneself.

The 36th Sunlink International Furniture Fair has set up a key themed exhibition called "Yuewan Jia" Space Theme Exhibition, covering six aesthetic scene zones: Tea Teasing Living Space, Maillard Office Space, Relaxing Outdoor Space, Wild Luxury Space, Wabi-sabi Living Space, and Bookish Quiet Redwood Space, which releases beautiful signals of different lifestyles.
Bookish Quiet Redwood Space

Relaxing Outdoor Space

Tea Teasing Living Space
Wabi-sabi Living Space
Maillard Office Space
Wild Luxury Space
"When we praise a house for its beauty, it's actually saying that we like the lifestyle that this house implied to us." Alan de Botton once said.
Perhaps what we love is not a house or a piece of furniture, but the spirit behind the lifestyle that happens to be what we aspire to, so what we need to do is simply to visualize our beloved attitude towards life. This is home, which belongs exclusively to us.
Come on, embrace a more unique attitude towards life, and explore different home spaces. Let's meet happily and release the soul of a free life in LECONG.